Investors’ Questions

Ibda is an innovative real estate brokerage. It gives its users the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of safe real estate investments and achieve the best returns in the easiest ways possible while investing as little as 100 Saudi riyals and without an upper limit.

1- Real estate selling (all of the property or part of it)
2 – Lease contract selling
3- Right of usufruct selling (all of the property or part of it)

4- Property management

All of this happens under the full responsibility of the platform about property management, governance, division and ownership register.

When you create an account, your bank account gets connected with your investment wallet in the platform.

When you want to invest in a property, transfer an amount of money to your investment wallet from your bank account. After the investment is done, you receive your periodical dividends, which you can choose between transferring it to your bank account at any time or reinvesting it.

You can invest with any amount of money starting from 100 Saudi riyals. And there is no upper limit.

The only fee the platform gets from the investor is 0.1% when he sells his shares on the platform.

The platform makes it possible to buy the complete property if the investor desires so.

All the information investors need to make a decision is provided. Investors get to know all the property details on the platform,

including the location, dividends and property licenses.

1- Diversification; you can diversify your money on multiple properties on the platform. And you can start investing with as little as 100 Saudi riyals.
2-Save the money value from inflation. And grow its value with the property’s price increase.
3- Ease of investment management.
4- Safe investment.
5- Ability to invest in the best properties with as little money as possible.6- Shariah compliance.
6- 100% of dividends are distributed.

7- You directly choose which property to invest in.

8 – The platform’s commission is only 0.1% when you sell your shares on the platform.

Ibda is a closed joint-stock company licensed by the Ministry of Commerce with the license number

and is also accredited by the Real Estate General Authority.

ou can get in contact with these organizations to make sure of our legal permissions.
In spite of having all of its work done digitally, Ibda has a headquarters

located at Riyad city 8292, King Fahd’s road, al-Muhammadiya district, Riyad 4314 – 12363,

office 404.

1- The property owners choose a registered property manager to list the property on Ibda

2- The property manager completes all the listing prerequisites according to the terms and conditions of Ibda and

gives us all the needed documents

3- Ibda reviews the listing request and makes sure all the requisites are fulfilled

4- The property gets listed and the ownership percentages are documented

5- After the listing, the owners benefit from the platform’s marketing and management services

6- The Property Manager is committed to the platform’s conditions in anything related to management and reporting

The owners get to choose the property manager; his performance is reported and judged through the platform.

1- All of the listed properties on the platform should be income-generating to achieve the highest returns for our investors.

2- The best properties and shopping centers are picked from anywhere in the Kingdom.

3- Before making it possible for investors to buy shares in any property, one of the accredited valuers evaluates the property and gives it a fair price.

4- The property manager should provide the valuers with the most accurate information and give them all the documents that enable them to make their report according to the rules and regulations set by the Saudi Authority for Accredited Valuers.

5- The property manager should inform the platform of the valuation that the accredited valuers, who are hired by the property owners, gave to him.

ownership of shares in the same property? A company is founded. And every investor owns in the company the same shares he owns in the property. The company represents the total shares of the investors. The contract and the partnership percentages are registered according to Saudi law so that investors’ rights are secured.

Anybody who has a Saudi bank account could invest in the platform. If you don’t have a Saudi bank account, get in touch so that we inform you of the steps needed to invest in the platform according to the country you live in.

You register using the official app of the Saudi Ministry of Interior Affairs (Absher) to make sure all the information on the platform is right and the legal situation of all the stakeholders is suitable.

Yes. Because the platform is committed to a high level of transparency and is regulated by the financial Saudi assemblies —any information regarding the investors or the property owners should be updated on the platform.

You can get all of the property details through the platform and review it online via 3D images. But because the platform makes sure to list properties that are already rented, it’s not permissible to disturb the privacy of the tenants. So, there are only 2 ways to benefit from the investment either through dividends or selling the shares.

The investor has the right to receive back his money to invest it in another property, to keep it or to receive it back in his bank account.

Yes. Shares are bequeathed and are a subject of ownership transfer.

A big benefit of the platform is giving the investors the ability to sell their shares at any time. At the moment of having a buyer for your shares, you get your capital and any increase in its value.

Return differs between properties. The average return on investment is 7%. Plus the capital growth in case of the price increase of the property.

Return differs between properties. The average return on investment is 7%. Plus the capital growth in case of the price increase of the property.

The price-earnings ratio is 14%. This is a great ratio in comparison with the low-risk investment alternatives.

1- The property manager collects the rents from tenants and announces to the owners the to-be-distributed amount, the date of distribution and any other details


2- He deposits the amount in his bank account

3- He transfers the amount from his bank account to his wallet on the platform

4- The transaction is done directly through the platform

5- On the date determined in the announcement and according to the platform’s condition, the property manager distributes

the dividends through the platform according to the shares of each investor

6- The dividends are added to the investors’ wallets, and they can transfer them to their bank accounts that are connected

to the platform

The total return is calculated by adding up the total of the share’s dividends in addition to its selling price. For example, you invest 50,000 Saudi riyals in a property valued at 100,000 Saudi riyals, which is about half the property’s value. The annual yield is 10,000 Saudi riyals. That’s 50,000 for a 5 years period, and your share of it is 25,000 Saudi riyal.

After 5 years, the property is valued at 150,000 Saudi riyals, and you sold your share for 75,000 Saudi riyals. That’s a 25,000 increase in your capital. So,
the total return of your share is: 25,000 + 25,000 = 50,000 Saudi riyal, which equals to 20% annual return.

The property manager is responsible for that under the supervision of the platform.

The property is revalued and the investors choose between selling the property to move their capital to another property, withdrawing their money or reinvesting in the same property.

Property Owners’ Questions

1-Real estate selling (all of the property or part of it)

2-Lease contract selling

3- Right of usufruct selling (all of the property or part of it)

4-Property management, governance, division and ownership register. .

1-Getting cash fast because of the diverse solutions the platform offers.

2-Get liquidity fast, thanks to having multiple options to sell all of the property or just part of it.

3-The possibility of restoring the property. You’re prioritized to buy the investors’ shares at any time and get your property back if they accept the offer.

4-You can sell the right of usufruct while keeping the ownership of the asset itself.

Also, Ibda provides a digital real estate market that connects property owners with investors. With it, you can propose offers to those who invested in your property to buy the sold shares of your property at any time.

List your property

It’s fairly easy:

١- You choose an accredited property manager to apply for a listing request.

2-He should complete all the prerequisites according to the platform’s conditions and give all the papers to the platform so that we check its validity. (Download the listing request to fill)

3-The platform reviews the request and makes sure all the requisites are fulfilled. Then the property is listed under the management of the property manager and with the ownership percentages that match the contract’s percentages

4-After the listing, the owners can benefit from the platform’s other services like marketing and management

5-The property manager is committed to the platform’s conditions related to management and reporting

When the value of the asked price is collected, the owner receives it in his wallet and 

1-The platform gets 2.5% of the price of the sold share.

2-The property owner pays the tax imposed by the Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority.

Via the owner: :

Before registering, you must verify your property deed via the internet following these steps:

1-Signing up on Najiz platform through the official website of the Ministry of Justice.

2-of the Ministry of Justice. Click on “my information” from “my properties” to choose to inquire about properties easily.

3-In the end, all of the information about your property is shown.

Via the platform: :

The platform could benefit from the property deed verification service provided by the Najiz platform through entering the deed’s number and its data. This provides us with the deed’s information like its type, status, size, city, district, the scheme number, the area where the deed is to be found and other related information.

  • Either contract parties have to attend and show their national IDs or those who represent them according to a statutory document.
  • The original electronic property deed.
  • The registered payment method.
  • The receipt verifying the payment of the real estate tax from the site of Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority.
  • If the vacuation is for a part of the property, the property division document must be shown. [NSA1]
  • The approval of the competent authority (Ministry of Interior Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Investment) only for foreign investors.

[NSA1] Fora any inquiry about how to connect with Najiz.

And does it include deed division or public ownership.


They specialize in reviewing the documents of real estate acts be it selling, donation, waqf (Islamic trusts), mortgage, division, will or other legal ways like certification, writing or possession.

‏٢. Notarial offices:

They specialize in homologating real estate evacuations through selling, donation, mortgage or mutual consent.

3- Ministry of Municipal Rural Affairs & Housing through Ejar platform. ا:

They specialize in the online homologation of lease contracts.

Regulations on real estate acts:

Like mortgage, waqf and judicial interdiction.

Regulations because of statutory procedures:

Like deed suspension from a statutory authority and execution seizure like courts.

To list your property on Ibda and to benefit from its services —you need to provide the following:

  1. Hire an accredited property manager who represents the owners.
  2. Fill the property information document and the annual report (1st document)
  3. A fair property valuation that is provided by an accredited valuer. (2nd document)
  4. The required documents in the following paragraph.
  5. Evidential documents for parties.
  6. Ownership deed.
  7. Lease contract.
  8. Accept to disclaim ownership or lease rights.
  9. Sign the property registration contract and adhere to its statements.
  10. Any special documents the platform asks for.
  11. A copy of the owners’ contract with the property manager to display on the platform.

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