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IBDA Real Estate Platform


Register in IBDA platform, Deposit money into your wallet, select property to invest in, and enjoy income.

Property Owner

If you have an income generating property, you can offer it for sale entirely or in stages or sell the usufruct for a defined period while keeping the asset.

Property Manager

IBDA offers an integrated solution to govern and control the properties under your management including income distribution to owners.

Property Broker

Join our partners program and increase your chances of selling your clients featured properties to smaller investors and overcoming liquidity obstacles.

IBDA is a real estate brokerage company authorized by the Real Estate General Authority and the Ministry of Commerce. It provides integrated and innovative real estate solutions to the Saudi real estate market through the governance of income-generating properties and provides smart direct ownership options.

Available Real Estates

IBDA Platform

IBDA is a platform to help you gradually create your wealth. Trade property units or property Usufruct and diversify your real estate investment in variety of asset types and locations.

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Real estate investing, now for everyone

With IBDA platform, you can overcome the barrier of the large capital need to own commercial real estate in the best locations and manage your investment Concentration in certain places or sectors.

Gradually increase your wealth

With IBDA platform, you can reinvest your profits and increase your financial returns to help you overcome inflation and increase your financial responsibilities.

More advantages to your investment

With IBDA platform, it is possible to invest and exit your investment in an easy way that helps you to adopt dynamic investment strategies and manage your financial risks in a real estate market.

How to own real estate units with IBDA platform

Buy units in the best real estate through the simplest digital methods using our innovative platform and enjoy all its consolidated benefits.

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