Who are we?

Ibda.. Trade real estate shares safely and profitably

Ibda is a real estate brokerage platform that aims for connecting property buyers and sellers and introducing the best real estate solutions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Ibda gives you the opportunity to buy real estate shares with as little as possible so that you get back the biggest returns. Also, it provides governance for the big income-generating properties listed on it to increase its profitability. Through that Ibda tries to support the 2030 vision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through economic development and investment attraction.


To make it easy to invest in real estate through governing the sector innovatively. This leads to providing everyone in the sector with the greatest benefits, the thing that goes along with the 2030 vision.


To be the destination of real estate investing in Saudi Arabia.



We make sure the information on the platform is honest and reliable so that you can make the most profitable investing decisions.

Committing to covenants:

We want to benefit you as much as we can and keep your properties safe; this is the covenant that we adhere to from day one.

Shariah compliance:

All of the platform services and transactions are Shariah-compliant.

Clients satisfaction:

The platform is committed to exerting all of its efforts to make the clients satisfied and enable them to achieve the biggest winnings possible from it.

Ibda’s services

Property management

The platform is responsible for managing the property you invest in. The property manager takes care of maintenance and dividends distribution so that you enjoy our benefits with no hassle.

Real estate shares investing

We offer you the opportunity to buy shares in the best properties, which guarantees you high returns on your investments.

Right of usufruct investing

Buy shares in the right to benefit from the property’s dividends instead of buying shares in the property itself. This way you get cheaper prices and relatively higher returns.

Lease contract investing

The lease contract gives you the highest returns along the contract’s period.


M. Walid al-Bawardy

CEO of Ibdax

Worked at The Saudi Stock Exchange (Tadawul) for more than 15 years in which he worked as: CIO and COO Chief of Markets Executive Director, Cash Markets Director, Cash Markets Head, Corporate Risk Management Department.

Worked at Saudi Telecom Company (STC) for more than 5 years as Director, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity.

Worked at Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency (SAMA) for 6 years as SARIE Technical Manager

Holds a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in computer sciences from King Saud University and an MBA in finance from Liverpool university.

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