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What are the benefits of listing my property with Ibda?

Many options

Our services suit your different financial needs. Whatever your desire to sell your property once or gradually, or to sell only part of it, or if you wish to keep the asset and sell the usufruct right for a specific period, you will find on the platform what suits you.

Wider selling options

Your property is shown to a large number of investors and our marketing channels to carry out the specified deal with a large investor base and not a single investor.


The platform adheres to a strong governance system that guarantees the rights of investors and owners from a legal and procedural point of view.

Wider services

You can register your property without offering it for sale to take advantage of its governance, make its information available to owners directly, income distribution and others. Make the decision to sell it later easier.

Your selling options

Steps for property listing


property manager to the platform to provide listing requirements

Fulfill listing requirements

The property will be accepted and listed after legal review

Available for trading

The property will be available for trading and we will be collecting ownership confirmed requests in the platform

Do you want to list your property?

We guarantee quality and transparency to the platform’s stakeholders This is why we need all the information that enables us to value the property fairly.

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