IBDA is a real estate brokerage company authorized by the Real Estate General Authority and the Ministry of Commerce. It provides integrated and innovative real estate solutions to the Saudi real estate market through the governance of income-generating properties and provides smart direct ownership options.


Ibda platform tries its best to provide you with the best service possible so that you don’t have any complaints But if you face any problem or trouble on the platform, we’re so sorry for that! Please submit your complaint so that we deal with it and provide you with the best service.

First: How to send complaints and feedback?

  • Via email at [email protected].
  • In person: You can share your complaint with us in our headquarters at the specified location
  • during the working hours from 8 AM to 5 PM.

Second: Documents that should be attached with your complaint:


To deal rapidly with your complaints, please provide us with the following documents:

  • For Saudis, provide a photocopy of your national identity. And if you’re a non-Saudi, provide a photocopy of your residency license. For companies and organizations, provide a photocopy of your commercial record; also, the complaint should be signed by the delegate (if this isn’t attached, we won’t be able to deal with your complaints.)
  • A photocopy of the general legal proxy and the national identity of the legal delegate.
  • A summary of your complaint.
  • Any documents that support your complaint.
  • Information to connect with the complainer: phone number/mobile number/email.

Third: Timeline for complaint review

We will get back to you as soon as possible with a maximum of 7 days from receiving your complaint. Your complaint goes through a process that starts with reception and record, hen categorization and processing, and finally with resolve.

  • Complaint submission

At this stage, we receive your complaint through any of the channels described in section 2.

  • Complaint categorization

At this stage, one of our team records your complaint via one of the methods described in section 2. Then it will be categorized. It’ll be given a priority and then passed to the responsible team.

  • Complaint processing

At this stage, we process you categorized complaint. And the responsible team can resolve the complaint without redirecting it if its answer if provided or if it’s a part of a previous complaint that was resolved before; then, it’s possible to reply to it with the same method and inform the complainer through one of the previously mentioned communication methods.

  • Complaint resolve

At this stage, the responsible team approves the reply and adds any additional replies or notes and then we inform you that the complaint has been resolved.

Fourth: General notes

If the complainer isn’t satisfied with the complaint resolve or 10 days have passed without hearing back, you can submit it to Real Estate General Authority.

Complaint Attachments:

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