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How Does The Platform Work ?

1- Create your account

Create your account and start investing with a few, simple steps. Fill in the required information to receive the best investment opportunities and choose from them the most suitable for you.


Choose from the listed properties that best suit your investment goals and buy the shares your capital can afford. On the platform, you can invest with as little money as possible and that’s why everyone can benefit from Ibda.

2-Put money in your investment wallet

You can transfer any amount of money directly from your bank account to your digital wallet on the platform which makes it possible to invest at any time when the opportunity comes. Also, you receive your dividends on this wallet, which makes all the financial transactions with the platform as easy as it gets

4- Relax and enjoy the returns

Because your time is precious, we manage any processes or paperwork that comes with your investments.Also, we take care of property registration, maintenance and dividends collection. You receive all of your dividends on your wallet and you can withdraw them at any time. All of that makes investing with Ibda an easy opportunity that shouldn’t be missed.

Enjoy a winning investment with Ibda

Just like you freely choose between the properties on the platform, we empower you to make the decisions that determine the performance of your real estate shares. his is why you need to take part in the decision-making of 3 main things:

Property valuation

Property valuation You need to know how your shares are performing as long as you keep them; that’s why we value the properties regularly so that you make the wisest decision, be it reinvesting, selling or buying new shares.

Evaluation of the property manager

The property manager is the one responsible for its financial performance, rent and maintenance. In practice, he is the one who takes care of the value of your investment. And this is the reason why you have the right to vote on keeping or replacing him in the investor’s meetings.

Sell your shares, at any time

Any investor can offer his shares for sale at any time. Also, after 5 years of investing in a property, the investors get together to decide if they will reinvest in the same property or will sell it.

Make the right decision for your money and invest in real estate safely with Ibda with as little as possible

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